Marble is one of the eldest architectural and decorative materials. In many cases, the statues and buildings made of marble have far outlasted the ancient cultures that built them. It has been valued for thousands of years for it’s rich palette of beautiful colours, and is perfect, pretty much anywhere, in the house.

Not only is Marble beautiful to look at, it is a low maintenance and healthy option for your home.  Marble will keep your home free of the infestation of allergens and pathogens, because marble can stop minute particles from finding a liveable space on its surface and thriving there.

The beauty of marble is not only that it is a natural stone but each rock has formed under a unique set of circumstances, from heat, pressure and foreign substances making it a truly distinctive addition to your home.  

Showroom now open in Kilwinning

1 Longford Avenue
KA13 6EX
Showroom: 01294 55 27 13
Factory: 0770 337 9311

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